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BainBridge Navigation Propels Towards A Digital Transformation With Seven Oceans Commercials

06 Oct 2021

SINGAPORE, October 6, 2021 — BainBridge Navigation, a leading Operator and Owner in the Dry Bulk and Tanker sectors of Bulk Shipping and Seven Oceans, one of the foremost providers of commercial shipping software, are proud to announce the successful implementation of 7Oceans Commercials at BainBridge Navigation as their holistic commercial shipping solution.

Headquartered in Singapore, with a robust presence in the UAE, India, and Malaysia, BainBridge Navigation has implemented Seven Oceans Commercials for its chartering, operations, post-fixture, claims management, voyage, and contract finance needs. With this milestone, BainBridge Navigation begins the process of leveraging digitalization to address its operational needs.

Mr. Deepak Kumar Sharma, Managing Director at BainBridge Navigation stated that “7 Oceans application is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of commercial shipping for major trading needs. BainBridge Navigation’s digitalization plans are completely in sync with Seven Oceans’ technology future.”

Capt. Himanshu Joshi, CEO at Seven Oceans was also quoted, saying “We are very pleased with this development. BainBridge Navigation covers dry and tanker trade comprehensively. Seven Oceans Commercials (7Oceans) ensures every such trading process is covered fully and is efficiently reported. The software ensures all reporting analytics and dashboards are tailored to the needs of operational and management users. Additionally, supporting the customer to the best of our ability is embedded in our DNA”.

Seven Oceans continues to be futuristic in its approach to enhancing its technology capabilities with AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. All such upgrades will be augmented at BainBridge Navigation and all other customers respectively.

About BainBridge Navigation

BainBridge Navigation is primarily engaged in offering customized and efficient freight solutions to clients across the spectrum and thus, playing an important role in the cost-effective and safe transportation of commodities to various destinations around the world. With a combination of dedicated service providers and partners, a fleet of stellar ships, and a robust financial system, BainBridge Navigation assures quality service with an expedited response. 

For more information visit https://bainbridgenav.com/

About Seven Oceans Singapore

Seven Oceans Holdings is a Singapore-based company that creates maritime and shipping software for commercial shipping and fleet management. Its commercial shipping product, 7Oceans, is arguably the most revolutionary creation that serves charterers, ship-owners, ship-operators, and ship-brokers for dry bulk, tanker, and gas shipping needs. The current customer landscape includes corporate to mid and small size entities. The leadership at Seven Oceans is unparalleled, where innovation and design are driven from the top by professionals who have held senior management positions in commercial shipping and technology.

For more information visit https://sevenoceans.world or email us at marketing@sevenoceansconsulting.com