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Seven Oceans: Temporary Closure of Office from April 7th to May 4th 2020, Mandatory Instructions on COVID-19

07 Apr 2021

Dear Valued Customers of Seven Oceans, Affiliates & Partners Globally & in Singapore

Subject: Closure of Office from April 7th to May 4th 2020, Mandatory Instructions

To contain the spread of the Corona virus, Government of Singapore has announced the closure of all businesses and offices in Singapore for a period of one month. The closure will not affect certain essential services like Health, Food, Transport, Information and Communications, Banking and Finance and certain social service sectors.

For more information, please refer to the Government’s website at https://www.gov.sg/article/covid-19-circuit-breaker-heightened-safe-distancing-measures-to-reduce-movement

Maritime and Shipping Software service and support  that we provide is  not deemed as essential service. We would abide by the Government’s directives and would close our office from 7th April to 4th May, inclusive. Our main telephone line is redirected to all of us on our handphones.

We assure, that we are a modern and efficient technology company and our development, implementation, service and support will not get disrupted. We are all working from home and connected online.

Important contact details are stated below. Stay safe and take care of your families, friends and colleagues.

Please stay united in this difficult period.

We will all come out strong!

Himanshu Joshi, CEO, Seven Oceans

+65 9784 2681  [hjoshi@sevenoceansconsulting.com]

Priyanka TJ, Director - Commercial, Seven Oceans

+65 9182 7330  [priyanka@sevenoceansconsulting.com]

Global Support(24 x 7), +91 9411364191  [support@sevenoceansconsulting.com]