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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions

26 Mar 2021

Fellow brethren in the maritime industry,

Corona is a Black Swan event, leading us into uncertain and unprecedented times.

Working from home has become the norm. This will remain not just for weeks, but for months to come. It will possibly change the way we do business, fundamentally. While governments are announcing lockdowns and emergency economic assistance globally, we are all in for very difficult times.

Humanity will definitely survive the health crisis bravely, with all known measures in place, while the economy will be hit for a long, long time.

Please remember, the world never completely recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. And now we are pounded upon by a new armageddon, the Coronavirus.

We are doing our small bit during this tough period.

Seven Oceans Commercials, our commercial shipping software, has been available so far in the enterprise and cloud delivery modes. To all new customers starting today hooking up to the software via our cloud, we are offering special low cost subscription prices.

We understand that the small and medium businesses that are still working with emails, spreadsheets and word files will find work-from-home scenarios cumbersome.

Therefore, please call or write to us and we will introduce you to the Seven Oceans Cloud. Or, submit details under demo request on our home page. We can get you online, safe and secure, with your own business credentials as soon as possible.

Stay safe in these pressing times. Best wishes to you and your families and businesses!

Seven Oceans

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