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Seven Oceans implements its commercial shipping software at Libra

21 May 2014

Seven Oceans Holdings, a Singapore based marine and shipping software company, with offices in India and Barcelona today announced the implementation of its commercial shipping software at LSS Oceans Transport Ltd, Dubai. (LSSOT) (formerly known as Libra Shipping Services)


The software will take care of all Charter IN and Charter OUT scenarios of dry bulk trade and will assist the users across the disciplines of management, chartering and operations. The company prides itself of producing the world’s revolutionary commercial shipping software that follows the dynamics of the voyage like no other software application available.


LSSOT, worked closely with Seven Oceans. LSSOT were quoted saying, “Seven Oceans have demonstrated high quality and timely support to our requirements”. LSSOT informed, that this software will most definitely help them in adding great value to their customers and service providers. Online experience is enriching and brings in agents and brokers to the site seamlessly.


The focus of implementation has been on the lines of Seven Oceans’ fundamental philosophy of 3 pillars -

  1. Simple Design
  2. Power to Use
  3. Revolutionary


About LSSOT 

LSS Ocean Transport Ltd, (formerly known as Libra Shipping Services Ltd) is an independent shipping company based in Dubai and its activities include providing its clients customised shipping solutions for their transportation needs and charters ships accordingly. LSSOT caters to multi commodities dry bulk ship chartering namely coal, coke, iron ore, scrap, agri products and host of other commodities. Vessels chartered by LSSOT trade worldwide and having major focus is Pacific and Indian Ocean.