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Socatra subscribes to Seven Oceans Commercials

27 Apr 2019

Socatra is an established oil tanker ownership company based in Bordeaux,France. Socatra has subscribed to Seven Oceans Commercials, our flagship commercial shipping software for its chartering, operations and voyage finance needs. The commercial software will also be integrated to the fleet management and F & A applications currently in use at Socatra. 

Socatra feels that this development will add huge value to the management reporting needs of the company. The company and vessel level profitability can be measured at a glance with this development. 

Seven Oceans Commercials, the revolutionary and modern commercial shipping software, thus continues to make forays into the world of dry, tanker(oil and chemical) and gas cargoes and with connected ship owners, operators and other important players. 

Seven Oceans' management was quoted saying - "We understand the needs of commercial shipping players far better than most because of hands-on experience of commercial shipping(Chartering, Ops, Management needs) in the company leadership, supported by a finest set of people from the discipline of modern technology. Most importantly, we believe in supporting our clients to the fullest of their satisfaction."