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Seven Oceans Distances Pro at USD 1.00 per month released for Apple smartphones

15 Oct 2018

The company saw huge success with Seven Oceans Distances v2, simply called SOD. This was a free app designed to show port to port nautical distance sets under various combinations, on one click.

We also received great feedback from the audience that included basic individual users such as navigators to frequent users such as vessel operators, cargo movers and more.

Today, we are pleased to release an enhanced version of SOD on iTunes Store. This is called Seven Oceans Distances Pro or simply, SOD Pro.

SOD Pro allows us to notify each user each time his/her distance request has been added by us. This happens whether the App is open or closed on the hand-held.

The App is priced at a very small cost of USD 1.00 per month approximately.

We look forward to serve the world shipping and cargo fraternity with top quality delivery, as always.

Please download SOD Pro from Apple's iTunes Store.