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Chartering and operations software delivered over Seven Oceans' Cloud to IDM Mana Singapore

06 Apr 2017

IDM Mana Singapore, a ship-owner and a manager,  has connected to Seven Oceans' Cloud for all chartering and operations needs. 

With this unique subscription, the customer does not incur IT infrastructure costs at all. Ships and users are quickly added on the cloud and the customer is ready to use the software within a day. Customers are completely free from all IT costs and pay a small monthly fee per vessel for usage. The platform allows the customer to add any number of vessels and users to this dedicated cloud. 

Main features include -


Add vessels to the system. This includes vessel particulars (Baltic and Q88 as applicable) and Commercial Parameters (Fuel Consumptions and Speed)


Voyage Estimating, Decision Charts on Estimates towards Fixtures, Sensitivity Analysis, COAs, Voyage Charter Contracts, Time Charter and Vessel Relet. 


Operator Allotment, Voyage Charter Checklist, VC Checklist Confirmation, Time Charter Checklist, TC Checklist Confirmation, Bunker Nominations, Agency Appointments, Lay time Demurrage Dispatch

Voyage F & A:

1st Payment, Final Payment, Load Port Agent Payment, Discharge Port Agent Payment, all other payments and invoicing. Additionally, claims management is another important feature of the application. 


A galaxy of reports including Daily Position Report, Receivables, Payables and more

Voyage Forms:

The commercial operations do not require a larger application to be installed on the vessels to collect voyage related data. Seven Oceans has developed standalone voyage management forms for Departure, Noon, Arrival and Port message needs. These are sent to the vessel by emails and do not require any installation. Once completed, these can be exported to the office where the data can be imported directly into the Seven Oceans Commercial application. A consolidated voyage report is prepared automatically.