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Post Fixture Brokerage Software implemented at a leading tanker brokerage firm

17 Jan 2017

A leading, Singapore-based oil-tanker brokerage firm implements Seven Oceans Post Fixture – Ship-broking for its operational needs. This is a modern web based software that is also accessible on all mobile devices. The screens automatically adjust to the specifics of the device.

Main features include -

Fleet: Add vessels to the system. 

User Creation: By user type – Broker, Operator, Claims Handler and more

Nomination/Fixture: VC, TC, COA

Operations at a glance: Fixture Type/ Date/ Fixture ID, Charterer, CP Date, Vessel, Freight or Hire as applicable, Demurrage, Completion Discharge Date, Status, Commission Invoicing/Payments, Claims Management

“Me” Financials: Financials (Commissions, Costs) specific to each broker.

Reports: A galaxy of analytical reports including Voyage Status Report and Annual(Date From/to) Revenue Report.

Integration to F&A Software (Where applicable) Seven Oceans’ software is designed to integrate to SAP Finance, Oracle and other financial packages 

The company provides two delivery options -

1. Enterprise installation at customer site and an annual support fee

2. Cloud-based, software as a service model, where the the customer pays a small amount monthly. No IT expenses are incurred by the customer. The software runs off Seven Oceans’ Cloud. 

We are offering attractive payment deals for the cloud option. Please contact us for inquiry and details.