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Seven Oceans Consulting: The latest technology in the simplest of formats

15 Jun 2015

Spash 24/7, Singapore: Captain Himanshu Joshi, the CEO of Singapore-based Seven Oceans Consulting, has set out his goals, and he clearly is someone who does not lack ambition.

“We want to be one of the biggest players in the delivery of commercial software and applications via the cloud,” he says, as well as becoming a “very big player” in the mobile freight applications market.

Seven Oceans offers an array of enterprise and cloud based applications to charterers, commodity traders, operators, shipowners and shipmanagers.

The company has a set of plain ‘vanilla’ applications which means users do not have to invest money in setting up big IT infrastructures. It also has an enhanced web-based QMS application that includes incidents, near misses, audits, inspections, permits, document management, KPI management and more – this is being delivered to the world’s biggest gas carrier company, this year. In addition, four new commercial enterprise applications are being deployed, and two more mobile apps will be launched this year.

“Throughout the industry,” Joshi recounts, “previously, the software side of technology has been fairly complex and that’s perhaps one of the reasons why some people have struggled to embrace it. The most difficult thing in the world is to make the design as simple as possible. People in the shipping industry need the latest technology in the simplest of formats so that’s exactly what we have done here at Seven Oceans and we will continue to aim to do that in all our products.”

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