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Quality Management System


  • Detailed status of all Audits and Inspections is available on the dashboards in tabular and graphical forms. These are searchable by fleet, by department, by individual and more
  • LTIF statistics are also available at a glance in this section
  • Status includes Audits & Inspections as Open, In Process( tasks not assigned, tasks fully assigned, tasks partially assigned, task assigned and action taken, part action taken, all action completed, report completed )and Closed cases
  • All cases can be drilled down to the actual report or audit or inspection.

  • Modern & most comprehensive QMS available in the market
  • Created by using large inputs from industry practitioners in Marine & HSEQ departments and corporate management of large shipping companies
  • Includes - Inspections & Audits, Accidents & Near Misses, Permits to Work, Improvements Management(Suggestions for Improvement, Handover Reports, Safety Management Review, Safety Committee and Common Meetings), Risk Assessments, MOC, Document Management System, Voyage Reporting, Certificates & Surveys and TMSA Submissions
  • Management of Change (MOC) module created with large input from Oil Majors. The majors have liked what they saw during audits and greatly appreciated same

Very Comprehensive

Responsive & Flexible

  • Modern responsive technology used
  • Works on all devices, PCs, handhelds, tablets in office and on board

  • All Standards databases are maintained in the system by us. These include - VIQ, CDI, ISM, ISO 14001, MLC, TMSA and more. Additional databases can be seamlessly added to the framework
  • Inspections & Audits, Accidents and Near Misses follow the Loss Causation Model

Standards maintained by us

Huge search capabilities

  • We have worked hard to achieve very fast search results in the system
  • Its like using Google search, within a smaller ecosystem, thus producing fast & accurate results

  • One can navigate from one functional screen to the other in a single click
  • Simplicity further extended to use on board ships

Simple Design

Seamless Synchronization

  • The sync between ships and office(s) runs seamlessly without failing
  • 3 levels of fail safe checks are built in the software