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7Oceans for Charterers & Cargo Owners


  • Customisable Dashboards are quickly created tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Exclusive Dashboards for trades viz., Dry Cargo, Tanker and Gas
  • Tasks alerts for all function areas in the software viz., Cargo Planning, Chartering, Ops, Procure to Pay, F & A, Order to Cash, Sales Contracts, Demurrage and more. Users quickly navigate via the dashboards

  • Add/Import vessels to the system
  • Vessel Particulars (Baltic and Q88 as applicable) and Commercial Parameters (Fuel Consumptions and Speed)


Cargo Tonnage Book

  • Cargo Tonnage Book in the system contains present and future cargoes created and entered by the designated people through an approval cycle
  • Vessel Assignment, Batch Creation(Nomination for the voyage) are available

  • VC Contracts and VC Confirmations
  • Time Charter and TC Confirmations
  • COA Recaps and contractual details


Operations / Post -Fixture

  • Operator Allotment
  • VC Checklist, VC Confirmations, VC Management
  • TC Checklist, TC Confirmations, TC Management
  • COA Management
  • Bunker Nominations
  • Hire Payment Requests
  • Summary of Accounts for the voyage

  • Payment Orders, Payment Advices, Receipts, Payment Management, Claims Management
  • Payment Management - Load Port, Discharge Port, Bunkers, Brokerages, Commissions and all other payments

F & A

Order to Cash & Sales Contract

  • Back-to-back invoices can be generated towards internal and external parties against payments made by the profit centre
  • Back-to-back sales contract automatically generated from the freight contract

  • At every stage the system allows users to attach or drag-and-drop related documents
  • These are collated and made available to the user in the DMS, easily searchable for vessel and voyage
  • Nominating Cargo Relets to specific COA

Document Management System


  • Chartering Cargo Planning Report, COA Status Report, Fixture Report, Mark-To-Market Report, Owner/Broker Report
  • Operations Agency Allocation Report, Daily Position Report, Demurrage Summary, P & I Club Report, Port Performance, Dead-Freight Summary, Vessels Type Tonnage Hired
  • Accounts Consolidated Freight Accounts, Freight Confirmation Report, Consolidated SOA, Income Statement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Profitability Analysis, Shipment Register, COA Performance, Pending Freight Payment, User-wise Open Tasks, Vessel/Voyage Finance Tracker