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Seven Oceans was founded in Singapore in the year 2010 by Himanshu Joshi.

The work on the series of 7Oceans commercial shipping products began in early 2011.We planned to address the needs of freight management in the dry and tanker trades. In our experience the contemporary software solutions in the commercial space required a huge facelift and product enhancement.

Historically, shipping software providers did not feel the need to innovate or introduce modern technology because repeat sales were easy to find. However, this changed in the decade 2000-10. The need to innovate grew unprecedentedly. We thus created a software design on the following characteristics:

  • A core platform that can adapt quickly to customers’ business needs
  • A core platform with open interfaces that allow integrating to third party modules easily
  • A web based system that ensures mobility of use on all kinds of PCs, devices, handhelds, tablets and more
  • Seven Oceans understands that at the very core, support of the software on ships, in office and between ships and office is absolutely critical because ships are the greatest floating assets for shipping companies. We thus created a CRM platform that works in tandem with our software applications.
  • We put special emphasis on supporting the software and always allocate dedicated people for that purpose.
  • Last but not the least, we created a voyage management system that follows the real time voyage dynamics. The users and stakeholders of the software, log in and out to accomplish their tasks and roles in the system within the natural progression of the voyage.

Right from the start, focus was given to the two target communities - Cargo Owners(including Traders, Charterers and more) and Shipowners(including Ship-Operators). Thus we have focussed on minimising freight costs for the Cargo Owners and maximising freight revenues for the Shipowners.

7Oceans, the commercial shipping product has grown into a comprehensive and a modern software platform over a period of 5 years of development and fine tuning. Today it is arguably one of the top products in the bulk and tanker shipping market.

7Fleet, a complete QMS platform for shipowners and managers that was created with large inputs from Gas and Tanker Shipping professionals is a widely respected product.

Seven Oceans is head-quartered in Singapore, a big shipping hub. This presence ensures we have a wider access to commodity traders, charterers, shipowners, operators, ship managers and brokers.

The company has been consistently profitable from the start and has been supported by larger corporates, mid and small sized customers.

3 Core DNA Threads


Simple Design

“Keeping things simple is the ultimate sophistication.”

   - Leonardo Da Vinci

Making things simple requires dedication to clarity, honesty, discipline and intelligence. Simplicity to Seven Oceans is shortening the distance between the company and its customer.

We thus created a friendly and easily navigable interface.


Power to User

Ultimate power to user is only achieved when the customer is supported well.

Belief in high quality customer relationship management is embedded in our DNA.

Additionally, business intelligence tools focus on providing decision making, sensitivity analysis, profitability and cash-flow analysis at glance.



We have kept full pace with the 4th industrial revolution in the shape of technology spread in the modern age.

We are keeping the products fresh to revolutionary technologies in the current deliveries. For future deliveries, Blockchain and AI will be an integral part. Our current product is also on a threshold to become a shipping marketplace.